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With Aural Mist I wanted to explore the quietude and silence (if there exists such audible phenomenon) of spaces. Starting from a climatological/sensual imagination and lens, with an exploration of the quiet sounds of the “point zero” of an acoustical space. I zoomed in into the sonic spectrum of the quiet. Then re-inserting these captured sounds into that same space and adding extra layers of sound using my bass drum, objects and voice.

I found Stadslimiet, an artist’s run art space in the centre of Antwerp that is an open space in the centre of the old town, facing the river, where I decided to clear out the space completely. This so the volume of the room is able to resonate freely and speak for itself. Along with my ears I brought my bass drum, some microphones, a field recorder and a set of headphones. All I needed to do was get ready to listen.

The first sound canvas was recorded with high quality DPA microphones, mounted into my bass drum, which was placed into the centre of the space. The recordings were made on a quiet Monday night, somewhere at the end of December around 4 am when traffic is low and the city comes to rest.

We only hear hums and buzzes, birds and the occasional car.
A sonic spectrum, made out of the outside city sounds, is seeping in.
The sound inside the empty space and the microclimate that was captured by microphones in my bass drum went straight into an Audio Devices ambient recorder.

A week later I re-entered the space. It was raining outside, with a lot of humidity in the air. I played the first recorded sound layer into the space through the PA and started to record sounds to these layers using my bass drum and some objects like a frame of a bike wheel with a violin bow and my voice. The end result of the work is an edit and mix of multiple layers of recorded sounds, moving from the quiet layers to the played sounds and back. 


released April 9, 2016

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