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Everyday Magic Anywhere: Taipei, day#1

Voila. That was that. First day in Taipei. Genre jet leggy but not too much.

It's a little after 2 am here.

Adapting to the place, people, smells & the airco in my room.

Also: learning how to set up a blog, this blog, on my website.

Linking it to social media, re designing my website because...well...why not?

Here it is:

It's funny how on the road some things seem to get done easier than when at home. I suppose being alone can do that for me.

Another sense of speed in my body.

Another focus. Just me, whatever that is, to deal with.

Being closer to myself.

Traveling, touring is like a pilgrimage, we visit places and people, their ghosts and spirits.

This evening when walking back to my hotel I passed this open square in the city with a play garden for the kids, a few benches, some of those beautiful trees, where young and old come to hang around, something they seem to have a real talent for here. The weather helps. Warm and humid.

Here a picture taken from "my" spot tonight:

Unspectacular as that may seem...

Not in the picture because of me being courteous:

- 2 elderly women in front of me having their seemingly regular chat hang.

- One middle aged man dosing off next to them.

Walking by I felt as if something was inviting me to go sit on the bench.

I sat and felt like a presence of something there. That presence that wanted me to go sit. And I relaxed, and took a few deep breaths.

And some kind of mostly energetic conversation followed.

A dance of presence.

A sense of a meeting.

What is there in some spaces or places, things that we usually don't see, nor hear, yet we can sense them clearly?

I always feel so blessed and I get a very sweet sense of belonging when interacting with "things", places, the unseen world of spirits and ghosts.

Lately, since a year or two, and more, way more dynamically since my father passed away a year ago, this way of being open to what lays beyond the usual senses has become an integral and very important way of being home with myself and the world.

There is music in the spheres. Planets sing melodies. We pulse and sense, resonate and rejoice.

And so it is good. And things have their place. Just like we have a place amongst all these other things.

Embodied infinities and beyonds.


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