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KLANKBAD 2016-...

All Klankbad sessions are archived on a mixcloud page. PLease visit the player above to have a listen.

If you click on the picture in the player, it takes you to the page where they all are posted.

Most (not all) of the talks are in Dutch, depending on which (international-or otherlanguagethanDutchspoken) guest.

Klankbad (Soundbath) is a series of music nights initiated by musician/composer Eric Thielemans. A Klankbad is an evening full of sound, about and in sound. Together we immerse ourselves and explore the many sides of contemporary sound and music culture. Resounding deeply within ourselves and far beyond. Klankbad is set up as a sort of live late night radio program with live music and a central guest who is invited to talk about his/her life in and with music.

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