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Everyday Magic Anywhere: somewhere in between Taiwan and Japan

As I'm flying towards Tokyo I can more easily reflect. As if being high in the sky induces a birdsview perspective. A perspective so much required it seems. Perhaps more than ever. We have to re connect ourselves with both the larger being we know we are and the Source from and towards we all come and go. Breathing. Pulsing.

As I was meditating this morning, in a taxi, on my way to the airport I was reminded to surrender. To surrender myself and what I do to the highest.

As I'm flying above the Pacific ocean, I see ourselves, human beings, as one organism.

It is not only the technologically reduced version of interconnectedness that makes us so.

It is what we are.

Therefore we must, MUST, end all suffering as much as we each can provide. For the higher good of each and all.

It also means that I will have to radically , way more radically choose it in my life.

Stop choosing to hide in destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

Connect myself to Source.

Remind myself of the higher and highest.


Be and do no harm.

Now is the time.

Being a musician, playing music, teaching as I have been doing in Taiwan, is my path.

More than ever I understand this.

More than ever I can receive the joy of it, and I see other people, students, fellow musicians, and audience receive and share in that joy.

That's the gift I can enjoy both giving and receiving.

Also, we, humans, are not alone. We share this incredibly beautiful planet with other beings, organic and anorganic life.

We are all stardust.

Pulsating spaces for energy and consciuousness.

And then there are these other beings.

Small or incredibly big.

Light beings. Spirits. Ancestors.

Other beings less defineable.

What makes you reconnect to these spaces and beings inside and out?

How can you relax into being in and with your body and let your soul, or consciousness or being, whatever name works for you, takes its flight, take its space?

How do you enjoy being, enjoying the breath of your life, and enjoy sharing it!

How do you set up the pre conditions for being connected, not only online, because oh my god, such a reduced version of it, but just now, as you read this, and breathe, in your everyday experience.

It's all there. Alllways. Everywhere.


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