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Everyday Magic Anywhere: Hualien

Last couple of days were filled with a concert on Friday, a small trip with Wen (the singer who helped me set up this trip and with whom I played on Friday) + a masterclass for Wen's private students on Saturday, some long due administration/hang in hotel room day on Sunday, a trip to Tamsui,a town at the sea near Taipei + meeting up with artist and access consciousness buddy (later more on that) George Ho on Monday, on Tuesday a trip out to Toucheng at the sea and later in the evening further on towards Hualien with a stop for two nights at a fancier hotel with ocean view and above all, very near Taroko national park, a marvel, which I visited today with a driver to get me around.

I did some hiking and experienced nature at its pretty damn magnificent.

Now, it's evening here, I'm relaxing a bit, writing these words.

Voila. The short update.

So. What's up?

Traveling alone like this is it's own pretty special thing. It's not always fun or something.

Ok. Just like life as I know it, me as I know me I guess.

Yet it can feel more intense, or rather, it seems like some things, energies, ways of being are getting more exposed here, now, than when in my natural habitat, or when traveling together with people.

The intensity and excitement makes it special.

A bit more up and down, lower lows, higher peaks so to speak.

More than ever I feel like here, there and everywhere.

Is it because we are connected nowadays, through the smartphone, connected through little apps, messages, the occasional video call, navigating a 6 hour time difference which sometimes seems like more, and then less?

Perhaps. Somewhat.

Although energetically, psycho emotionally being connected to my life, places, people, loved ones, Brutus the homey cat, never ceases to be part of reality, and not a byproduct of a smartphone life anno 2023.



When are we?

I remember 2000 being a thing.

I look into the elevator's mirror and see a middle aged man, like I knew my father to be when I was a kid.

Must be me. I think. Although some seems to get lost in the image generator.


My body took it's time to adapt to the light and day of this continent.

I stayed awake every single day till the morning, untill yesterday.

Now, after my trip in real nature, my body seems to have been updated, reset, in tune and phase with the earth here.


Sub tropical Asia.

Hot and humid.

Also, in Taiwan, in most places where I went, I have been almost the only white European in the landscape. Which means nothing, and sometimes it claims to mean something.

I took a collection of pictures of manhole covers.

Like amulets they look.


Daily discoveries.

There's so much to write. So much stuff going on.

Both inside and out.

I'll try and catch up some of these reflections in the next days.

And for now:



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